The perfect ride


A perfect motorbike ride means fresh air, winding country roads, glorious nature, sleepy little villages, scenic landscapes and of course… something to remember.

Northern Thailand offers everything and is an ideal place for all kinds of motorbike tours. Stunning mountain sceneries, friendly people and a pleasant climate add up and make this region a top destination for every motorbike rider.

The motorbike tours on this website take you to some of the coolest places in northern Thailand plus some other locations elsewhere. In addition, there are various interesting sightseeing trips within the city of Chiang Mai.

An important privilege when travelling on two wheels is, that you can stop at almost any place, to take a short break or a photograph.

But be cautious, road surfaces in Thailand change abruptly from good to bad and you may suddenly and without any prior warning signs come across literally pothole-littered road sections.

As you can imagine, it’s no fun and pretty dangerous, to approach road sections as shown in the above and below pictures at high speed.

Please keep in mind, that the main purpose of every motorbike tour should be to enjoy the ride plus the scenery along the way and it doesn’t really matter how quick you arrive at your destination. Always remember: a motorbike tour is not a race. So take your time, drive safely and most importantly, enjoy the wonderful tours.

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