The perfect ride



A perfect ride, means winding country roads, lush nature, fresh air, rural villages, scenic regions and of course… something to remember.

Northern Thailand has it all and is an ideal area for all kinds of motorbike trips. Stunning mountain sceneries, gorgeous nature and a pleasant climate add up and make this region a top desination for every motorbike rider.

And its always the ride that matters, not so much the destination.

When travelling on two wheels, you can stop at almost any place for a break, or to take a photograph.

The trips on this website will take you to some of the coolest places in northern Thailand. And as you travel individually, you are free to decide wherever to stop and how long to stay. Just be yourself.

But be aware, road surfaces in Thailand can abruptly change from brand new to a pot hole covered stretch, without any warning signs.

As you can imagine, approaching road sections as shown in the above and below pictures, at high speed, is pretty dangerous and no fun at all.

And remember, it is a motorbike tour and not a race. Take your time, drive safely and most importantly, enjoy the wonderful tours.